Well, its taken a few months, but the alpha of VRbloX is now complete, and submitted to Oculus for review. At the moment its only a small sample of what will be available in the full game, but its a good taster to show the core mechanics and feel to the game.

I really wanted to create a different experience for the Oculus, as it seems that most games are either FPS or horror games, and as fun as they can be, there isn’t a lot of choice for the gamer who needs to relax after scoring some headshots, or having the crap scared out of you!

As I go through the development cycle to full release, I will be documenting my journey along the way and sharing some of the techniques and code used to create the game. This will be my first major release (apart from small IOS & Android games) so this a perfect way for me to share my experiences as I learn along the way. Its certainly been a challenging time learning c# and Unity3D, but I’ve put in a lot of work and learned from some great teachers along the way, and I will share that learning with you all on here 🙂

Anyways, I’ve now just finished building the new website so I need to go and get coding on some improved physics and collision detection, and I will post up a full blog post soon.



James Stone
Indie Game Dev at NerdRage Studios
Indie Game Dev @ NerdRage Studios Ltd.

Self taught game developer, left the IT industry after 20 years in corporate IT management and now out on his own, making games like Xenomorph, Eggstraction and VRbloX. From the UK, currently living just outside Shanghai in China.

Huge retro gaming nerd and collector of stuff which was rubbish in the day, but thanks to eBay and feelings of nostalgia, is now considered worth something ;)


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