VRbloX has been Greenlit!

//VRbloX has been Greenlit!

VRbloX has now been Greenlit on Steam, which is really fantastic news for us. The game is set for release now on the 7th July 2016 and will support Oculus Rift on the latest SDK and requires a gamepad to use.

We are still in the process of developing touch controls, but a working prototype shows that VRbloX works extremely well with touch controllers. We now have access to a Vive too, so we will start work on a Vive port once touch control devlopment has been completed.

In other news, we are soon going to announce our new game, which is a non VR game made for PC, Mac, Linux and console. Its a 4 player couch competitive game and further details will be released soon 🙂

James Stone
Indie Game Dev at NerdRage Studios
Indie Game Dev @ NerdRage Studios Ltd.

Self taught game developer, left the IT industry after 20 years in corporate IT management and now out on his own, making games like Xenomorph, Eggstraction and VRbloX. From the UK, currently living just outside Shanghai in China.

Huge retro gaming nerd and collector of stuff which was rubbish in the day, but thanks to eBay and feelings of nostalgia, is now considered worth something ;)


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