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“Jump Gunners is the beautiful child of Towerfall and Worms” Mike Bithell, Creator of Thomas was Alone / Volume / Subsurface Circular

Jump Gunners is the definitive couch combat game for 1 – 4 players, matching fast paced hilarious recoil jumping gunplay, with core gameplay that is easy to learn but hard master. Become the champion among friends, as you fight alone, or team up together against your foes. With multiple game modes featuring over 20 weapons, destructible environments, custom battles and single player challenges… Jump Gunners has something for everyone.

Jump Gunners is best played around the screen together with friends, but not so close to each other that you’ll catch an errant rage induced fist or thrown controller!

Available on Steam for PC, Mac and Linux and Xbox One

PS4 & Switch coming 2018.

Jump Gunners is a f*****g blast, and you and your friends need it in your life. I’ll be playing Jump Gunners long after I publish this review.

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Jump Gunners is one of the freshest and most unique games to hit the market in a while. It’s a breath of fresh air to see devs are still putting in creativity and ingenuity to stand out and create something original for once.

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  • Side scrolling old school 2D action, with super tight controls and physics based gunplay

  • 1-4 player support

  • Skillshots and mastery, become the champion among your friends

  • Unique bullet jumping recoil mechanics

  • Over 20 different weapons, grenades and hazards to destroy your opponents with.

  • Fully destructable terrain and dynamic hazards, such as air strikes and water waves.

  • Multiple game modes. Classic last man standing, team deathmatch, capture the flag and custom game modes, create the game you want to play!

  • Single player challenges and multiplayer mini games! There is something for everyone

  • Character customisation & leaderboards, bragging rights the old school way

  • 80+ levels to fight in… with multiple themes and procedural content

  • Awesome soundtrack, inspired by the classic games of the 80’s and 90’s