Xenosis: Alien Infection

You are a deep space salvage hunter who discovers the remains of the Starship Carpathian, thought to have been destroyed on a deep space mission nearly 50 years ago.

You’ve hit the jackpot. The data core housed in the ship’s AI will be worth a lifetime of credits on the Black Market, so you dock with the ship to retrieve it. The ship appears to be empty. There are no detectable life signs, and besides, surely nothing could still be alive after so many years?



The game takes place on the Carpathian, an Interstellar Starship built to terraform a mineral rich planet on the edge of our known solar system. The 15-year mission was going according to plan, until the ship was reportedly destroyed during a geological event. Nearly 50 years later, you discover the ship - adrift in space - and dock your salvage vessel to board and retrieve the valuable data core. The ship has no breathable atmosphere. The crew is nowhere to be found. However, there are traces of an unidentified toxin inside…

How did the ship get here? What happened to the crew? As you venture in further to find out, the ship suddenly powers up. An alarm is triggered, the docking port locks down and you are trapped inside. It’s then that you receive a harrowing transmission from somewhere deep inside the ship. A warning… that you are not alone.


Learn the secrets of the Carpathian, its crew and what happened on its fated mission 50 years ago. A storyline, rich with detailed characters and multiple sub-plots provide the narrative and backstory to the player’s experience.. However, if rich, deep story is not your thing, don't worry, we have designed the game to only deliver the story you need to finish main plot. All the side story and lore is completely optional, but will open you up to many secrets.

The Carpathian features 8 decks, each with multiple huge areas to explore. Each deck will have a unique visual theme and layout, with branching pathways, hidden routes and secrets to explore.

Combat & AI

The inhabitants of the Carpathian are fierce and deadly. With advanced enemy AI against you, use tactics to overcome your enemies. With multiple weapon types and deployable items at your disposal, you have unlimited tactical options from melee, close range weapons or snipe from afar with long-range and laser-based weaponry. You can even create and deploy turrets, sentries and bots to assist you.

Face off against a custom built AI that can adapt, hunt, flank, work as a group and even flee for help. Enemies will use sight, hearing and smell to find you, and will be relentless in their hunt for you.


The Carpathians environment is hazardous, you will need to maintain a supply of oxygen and power, whilst preventing your suit from damage and tears, otherwise your journey will end quickly. Battle not only enemies, but the hazards of the environment: extreme temperatures, radiation, toxins and the vacuum of space.


Scavenge what you can from the ship and use it to craft supplies, ammo and upgrades for your weapons and environmental suit. Over 70 schematics to find and use at your disposal, giving you multiple options for survival. Exploration is rewarded with special upgrades, hidden items and specialised crafting materials.

Lighting & Stealth

Sometimes all out gunfights aren’t the way, use stealth to bypass obstacles and enemies. With the dynamic light and shadow system, turn off or disable the lights, use shadows or move objects to create your own darkness. A fully dynamic system gives unlimited options for a stealthy approach.