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Steam, Xbox, PS4, Switch


Steam, Xbox, Switch


NerdRage Studios is a small UK independent game studio and is a registered Playstation, Nintendo & Xbox partner. The studio was founded by self taught indie developer James Stone in 2014, and he is the primary game developer with help from a great bunch of friends.

Our games have been showcased at events such as GDC, EGX Rezzed and EGX with Xbox and the UK Games Fund. With Xenosis, we were funded on in under 48 hours, and recieved a UK Games Grant, from the UK Games Fund in 2019 for Xenosis.

Press Highlights

IGN – “I am 1,000% seeing the Dead Space influence, this game is creepy as hell! I think NerdRage are onto something with this.” – Brian Barnett

Rock Paper Shotgun – “I wasn’t expecting a top-down 2D Dead Space-alike to be one of my favourite games of this year’s Rezzed, but here we are” – Katharine Castle – “[Xenosis] was one of our favourite games at the ID@Xbox event and we can’t wait to see the finished product” – “Xenosis already has many systems I can see providing a compelling reason to explore the nooks and crannies of its broken setting”

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